About Juul Communication

Who am I?Nana Juul Hansen

Juul Communication is owned and run by Nana Juul Hansen

I have long experience from internationally oriented companies, where I have worked intensely with communication, presentation, training, translation, IT implementation, project management, facilitation of networks and research.

I handle task within language, presentation and communication and can make any kind of information understandable for anyone – excepting cases like teaching atom physics to kindergarten children ;-)

In all my work it is vital for me to make sure that the intended message comes across to the audience in the best possible way. I enjoy using my creative competences to convey the information in a different and efficient way.


  • MA in Spanish and International Studies. I have two minors, in Informatics and Psychology.
  • Throughout my career in various Danish companies, I have worked with communication, language, and translation, e.g. in relation to IT- and organisational change projects, user manuals, information for international colleagues, creation and facilitation of knowledge sharing networks and other kinds of tasks involving presentation and information.
  • I have a good knowledge of the IT world, Danish business life in general and a broad experience within diverse areas of work.
  • I am analytical and logical and adept at finding a suitable linguistic tine in order to create visible coherence for the audience I work with.
  • In my training, I appear trustworthy and mentally present. I use my empathic competences and sense of humour to make sure that the ambience is pleasant and fruitful and that the individual participant get an optimal learning and is motivated for using the learned knowledge in his/her daily work routines