Presentation and language in general

Proof reading

I offer proof reading of both Danish and English texts. I focus on correct use of the language, but also on the general linguistic tone, and not least: making sure that the language is fluent and easy to understand for the target audience. At the same time, I keep an eye on the content and ensure that the material presents a coherent whole.


I work with what I call ‘understandability’ of the material, and strive to make all kinds of material – from research papers to IT user manuals and documentation – easily understandable. Much too often, we encounter texts that are not adapted to the audience and we are all aware of the value in that: next to nothing! Help yourself and your recipients by getting a set of sharp and creative eyes on your material before you go public with it.

Implementation assistance

I offer to help with the communication, when IT- and/or change-projects are implemented in companies and organisations. It is general knowledge that the ‘soft’ dimensions having to do with information and training of the users are often down prioritised in the implementation process. Much too often, the projects are constrained by time and money, but experience has shown that resources are well spent by focussing on the users and their needs earlier in the implementation process and not in a fire fighting manoeuvre after the conclusion of the project, when it is discovered that the users and/or employees have not embraced the changes.

Contact me by using the contact page or call me for a talk about the possibilities.