Event management – Knitting Festival

The Knitting Festival Grib Garnet took place from 14th to 17th June 2012. I was responsible for all work done on web-pages, marketing via social media, PR and contact with the press, graphical work, print and idea generation, branding though use of slogans, logos and colours. In our working group (6 persons) we organised a long line of events (lectures, boat trip, reading aloud session, church service, film showing, bingo game, fashion show, party night, café, along with several exhibitions), 30 visiting shops and 71 workshops and made sure that more than 2000 visitors took a bunch of great experiences with them home.

Proof and review of content and language – project manager training

In connection with Kaastrup | Andersen’s development of a new training course (in English) for project managers, I did proof and review of all teaching material (pamphlet, assignments, slide shows etc.), with a two-fold purpose: to ensure the common thread regarding the professional area (project management), in order to optimise both the tangible content and the communication of the content. And on a more tangible note: proof and review of the language (and in several cases also actual translation), assuring a high, uniform standard of the language and a fluent communication.

Proof and review of content and language – theses and student assignments

Within the same area, I have experience with proof and review of theses, e.g. from the School of Engineering (part of Aarhus University) in Herning and Aarhus. Due to the nature of things, I do not dive deeply into the professional area of the material, but focus on methodology, perspective, composition and structure of the thesis. At the same time, I conduct proof and review of the language and make sure that the level of language is sufficiently high, fluent and homogeneous.

Translation of web-site – hotel and service business

A large Danish castle needed a translation of their Danish website into English, including all of their information on both farming, the history of the castle, ecology, facilities and surroundings. The task was completed using Word documents, containing tables, enabling the customer to track, compare and review the two language-versions and make sure that the desired message would come across to the visitors of the site. The work could also have been conducted using Excel sheets or directly in the CMS system of the company. I am experienced in working with various CMS systems and am easily able to find my way round the structures.

Training and communication – digital products

At Solutors A/S I teach business customers in the use of digital products, including interactive whiteboards (SMART Boards), videoconferencing systems (e.g. Polycom) and internal communication systems (e.g. Polycom CMA, MS Lync, MS Communicator etc.). This includes creation of presentation material, teaching material and adjustment of the communication to the relevant target groups. At the same time, I translate, proofread and review material regarding digital product, thus having great insight into and knowledge about both technical specifications and user functionality.

Other tasks

  • Internal newsletters (content and layout)
  • Translation of subtitles for television series
  • Rethinking strategies for communication
  • Creation of user manuals for IT systems/software
  • Layout, print and publishing of books (e.g. Tilbage til Grøden and Syng ud – Syng op)