• Gør dig forståelig
    - med klar og tydelig oversættelse

  • Opnå læring og effektivitet
    - gennem pædagogisk og vedkommende undervisning

  • Ryd op i din kommunikation
    - gør budskabet forståeligt

The key words for Juul Communication are vivid language and easy comprehension. Language and communication are supposed to help us, and be a readily accessible source of information – not an obstacle for understanding and learning. In some tasks I work with 1:1 translation, presentation and proofreading, where a given text or material is handled as it is. In most tasks and projects it provides a much better result when I also work with the content itself, the layout, and the way the message is conveyed. We all recognize the situation in which the user has a hard time understanding the user manuals that are written in a technical language… Or the training session where the instructor is not aware of the level of knowledge of the participants. Let me work with your user guides, product information, training material, documentation and other information, and let us make sure that your messages get across to your audience in the best and most efficient way! Read more on the pages translation, training and general communication and contact me by using the contact page – or call me for a talk about the possibilities.